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Development & Prototypes

We   benefit   from   many   years   of   Experience   in   a   Wide   Variety   of   Areas   and   Manufacturing Technologies Below are just a few examples of our range of services Development    and    Elaboration    of    new,    innovative    products    and    production-ready construction of products and toolings Material Advice   and   Geometrical   Design   of   components   and   hybrid   systems   for   (medical) applications Implant-    and    Instrument    Design    like    Stents,    Cathetertechnologies,    AM-Implants, mechanical Instruments Development     of     first     samples     for     proof-of-concept     studies     by     using     additive manufacturing processes like FDM, STL, LMF, SLS a.o. suitable Technologies Great   Experience   in   patents   and   the   search   for   solutions   to   circumventing   existing patents Support with Development Documentation of Medical Products To   Build   samples   and   products   we   use   technologies   (own   equipment   and   in   co-operation with well-known suppliers) such as CAD | supported by FEM-Analyzes and Optimization Additive   Manufacturing   and   conservative   technologieas   for   functional   prototypes   and serial parts Cathetertechnologies,    Balloon-Technologies,    Laser-Tube-Manufacturing,    CNC-milling, turning, drilling, welding, braiding a.o. Plastic   injection   moulding   and   extrusion   of   prototypes   and   serial   parts   (also   special technologies like micro injection moulding, lost core technology, GID/WID/PIT a.o.) Different connection technologies (adhessives for plastic and metal components)
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